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AYSO United’s Coaching education pathway is designed to create a developmental path for our AYSO and AYSO United Coaches as we create a positive learning environment for our players.

Each level within our structure allows coaches to maximize their coaching abilities while looking for other coaching challenges.

Our coaches are placed in an environment where development is prioritized over winning and players are required to play 50% playing time. This structure ensures that coaches can develop players and teams without outside pressure as they look to create the ultimate development experience.

We encourage professional growth and continued education both in AYSO, USSF and other coaching education programs.


National Technical Director – Our Technical Director oversees our AYSO United curriculum and overall on field-direction of our National Club program. It is the responsibility of the Technical Director to ensure AYSO United is at the cutting edge of new youth soccer developments, coaching education opportunities and national initiatives.

National Director of Coaching – AYSO United National Director of Coaching supports our Club DOC’s in the implementation of the local AYSO United program. Through direction from the Technical Director the NDOC will training and support local staff with coaching education, web based training and club resources.

Director of Coaching – DOC’s are responsible for all soccer operations of the United program including coach selection, curriculum development, coaching education and community outreach. The DOC will create a culture that fosters both player and coach development through the implementation of a positive learning environment.

Division Directors – Division Directors will manage their gender divisions ensuring a quality developmental program through coaching support, player mentoring and advanced playing options. Each Division Director will manage a team of coaches who will implement training programs specific to the gender requirements.

Developmental Coach (tier 2 Clubs only)

Development coach is the highest level of coach within the United Coaching structure. In additional to managing team operations and coaching duties the development coach will assist the DOC’s in community outreach, coaching education, coach mentoring and curriculum development.

Team Coach – Team coaches are responsible the essential coaching duties including preparing and delivering coaching sessions for AYSO United Teams. In addition team coaches will coach all team game activities, create year round training schedule, and foster a positive learning environment for all players.

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