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United – Tri-Counties

Location: Camarillo, North Valley, Simi Valley, Encino, Agoura, Westlake, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Moorpark (and surrounding areas)

AYSO United Tri-Counties is one of our premier club programs sitting in the heart of AYSO Section 10. Built around the AYSO principles with a dedicated staff, and high level coaches the Tri-Counties club has continually produced high level teams and players that compete in Cal South sanction Coast Soccer League. Our commitment to the players and families of our club is that your child will be placed in an environment which fosters development and personal growth. #developmentoverwinning #weareunited

United Tri-County Team Contacts

AYSO United Team contacts – If you are interested in trying out for one of our United teams please fill out your information on this tryout link and someone will be in contact.

Division Coach Email Host Region
UnitedB07 Jianto Zheng Thousand Oaks
UnitedB06 (Blue) Fonz Perez Thousand Oaks
UnitedB06 (Red) John Saleh Agoura / Westlake
UnitedB05 (White) Manuel Castro Moorpark
UnitedB05 (Red) David French Camarillo
UnitedB05 (Blue) Elias Sayfi North Valley
UnitedB04 (Red) Ali Dellinger Agoura / Westlake
UnitedB04 (White) Luis Pena Moorpark
UnitedB04 (Blue) Kevin Brown Thousand Oaks
UnitedB04 (Black) Mike Caron Camarillo
UnitedB03 (White) Julian Flaum Thousand Oaks
UnitedB02 (White) Bob Dawson Camarillo
UnitedB02 (Red) Ali Dellinger Agoura / Westlake
UnitedB02 (Blue) Steve Brown Thousand Oaks
UnitedB01 (White) Gabriel Garcia Moorpark
UnitedB01 (White) Brian Bollinger Woodland Hills
UnitedB01 Ray Ragsag Granada Hills
UnitedB00 Jeff Pennington Camarillo
UnitedG07 RJ Matthee Moorpark
UnitedG05 (Red) Damian Anguita Camarillo
UnitedG05 (White) Michael Dodd Granada Hills
UnitedG05 (Blue) Spenser Melton Thousand Oaks
UnitedG04 (Red) Martin Flom Agoura / Westlake
UnitedG04 (White) Scott Easley Moorpark
UnitedG04 (Blue) Doug Huemme Thousand Oaks
UnitedG04 (Black) Daniel Throop Simi Valley
UnitedG04 (Navy) Emilio Becerra North Valley
UnitedG03 (White) Kim Soderstrom Woodland Hills
UnitedG03 (Red) Leonard Hendricks Agoura / Westlake
UnitedG03 (Blue) Steve Popp Thousand Oaks
UnitedG02 (White) James Quiles Moorpark
UnitedG02 (Blue) Sean Olgin Thousand Oaks
UnitedG02 (Red) Geno DeVandry North Valley
UnitedG01 (White) Umrao Mayer Camarillo
UnitedG01 (Blue) Dave Park Thousand Oaks
UnitedG01 (Red) Ray Portela Granada Hills
UnitedG00 (White) Dan Bodemeijer Camarillo
UnitedG00 (Blue) Nick Bull Thousand Oaks


Club Administrator – Graham Rice

Office – 424-292-2192